About Us

Who We Are

The Advanced Professional Degree Consulting Club (APDCC) provides a highly informative forum for graduate students (PhD, MS, JD, MD and post-docs) to learn about consulting as a career option. Many graduate students that do not have a business background usually fail to realize that consulting could be an extremely rewarding career option. In fact, consulting companies are always very interested in hiring smart scholars regardless of their business knowledge.

The APDCC’s primary activities include:

  • Informational presentations by consulting firm representatives
  • Case interview practice/preparation
  • Case competitions
  • Networking events
  • General business educational seminars
  • Interview question preparation
  • Internship opportunities

Anyone pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Minnesota is welcome to join the APDCC.


Educate – Create greater awareness among APD students about careers in consulting.

Facilitate – Offer a forum for APD students to collaborate in preparation for consulting jobs.

Alumni – Create an Alumni network of APD consultants.